​​Our team has the skills and expertise to help amplify your voice in Congress, but only YOU can make it happen. Invest in our community’s future by donating generously today

The world went into lockdown, and Poligon went to work!

This Ramadan, we call on YOU to uplift Muslim American voices in Congress.

In the month of mercy and giving, help us give back to our community! 
2020 was a tremendous difficulty for many Americans. From social distancing, to worldwide quarantines, the COVID-19 pandemic took over 500,000 lives leaving millions of Americans jobless. We cannot ignore that Black, Brown, Indigenous, and immigrant households often suffered the most.

Our community needed us to take charge, and we delivered:

  • Met with Congress Members,  fought for policy recommendations  important to YOU in Congress.
  • COVID-19 relief advocacy for testing, vaccines, and developed a COVID-19 policy center
  • Delivering advocacy trainings to over 500 community members
  • Worked with interfaith partners and coalition members to share resources with impacted communities.
  • Advocated for nutrition assistance, stimulus payments, housing protections, unemployment benefits

Our journey is far from over. We continue to work towards relief and recovery. We continue to work with policymakers, partners, and community members towards SAFE COMMUNITIES free from hate crime and gun violence, THRIVING COMMUNITIES free from poverty and hardship, and LIBERATED COMMUNITIES living in a democracy. That works for all!

HELP US MAKE AN IMPACT in 2021! Give back to the community.

  • Train 2,000 community members! (500+ trained in 2020)
  • Hire two new staff members (1 new staff hired in 2020)
  • Lead 40 national policy initiatives (22 joint policy efforts in 2020)

The majority of Poligon Education Fund’s funding comes from individual donations from the Muslim community, our allies and supporters like YOU! Your contribution will go back to the community in sweeping positive policy change!

MAKE AN IMPACT. Whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Help us reach our goal of $30,000!

Poligon Education Fund is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. ​Donations are tax deductible and Zakat eligible.

To donate by check, please email us for instructions:

 What do your donations support?

  • $25:       Daily News and Analysis Updates via Social Media
  • $50:       Action Alert with instructions on how to contact your Senator or Representative about a pressing policy issue
  • $75:       Weekly “Hill Happenings” newsletter with a rundown of recent activities in Congress
  • $100:     Advocacy 101 webinar, accessible anywhere
  • $250:     Development of a comprehensive policy guide’s
  • $500:     In person training inside the DC/MD/VA area​
  • $1,000:  In person training outside of the DC/MD/VA area (within the Continental U.S.)​